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5 Digital Marketing Ideas for Lifestyle and Home Decor Industry

Introduction to home décor industry and digital marketing ideas for the same

The home furnishing eCommerce industry has flourished lately, reaching $92.32 billion in sales, including a hike in home offices, home gyms, and DIY projects to enhance your surroundings.

Clients search social media for design ideas and related products, brands need to boost awareness and connect with buyers by getting products online for easy search. The interior design and home remodeling business has become a global market.

In an era of digitalization, tech-savvy clients search their favorite brands online rather than scanning interior designing magazines to look for new ideas.
The home decor business in India is estimated to be between USD 20 Billion- USD 30 Billion by the year 2026.

Digital marketing for interior designers is the best source to share their ideas and designs and showcase their skills. Therefore, the survival and success of interior designing companies depend on their digital marketing strategies.

Online marketing is the best way to promote your products and services to potential clients efficiently. If you are looking for ways to grow your interior design business online, with emerging technologies then you are at the right place.

In this blog, we will share the top 5 digital marketing ideas for your online home décor business.

Build a User-Friendly and Mobile Responsive Website

When you are building a room, you are building a character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home. – Rose Tarlow Decorator

The same applies to a website. When you build a website for your designing and interior business, make sure it is user-friendly with a design apt for mobile browsing. Otherwise, you will lose on many valuable customers searching for products and design ideas.

Responsive Home Designer Website

It is essential to provide a user with a rich browsing experience, or they move on to the next option.

Just like a physical store, your website creates the first impression of products and services to potential clients. Therefore, it should be fully functional, informative, user friendly, with enough images of your best design projects and other services, with as many videos for better engagement as possible.

Make Lots of Video Content

Videos get the highest viewership and conversion rates when online shopping is concerned. Websites and social media accounts with videos are more likely to grab the viewer’s eyeballs than the ones without them. For the interior design and home décor industry, this is especially true.

Showcasing your work with transformative videos gives clients a clear understanding of your skills and capacity. Video will narrate a story with your desired theme while keeping the user engaged all the time.

Videos content helps with on-page SEO as well with better interactive interface. They help rank any website higher in the search engines results. The more interactive your landing pages are, the more engagement you get.

Highlight Positive Customer Reviews

Getting positive customer reviews is the best social proof you can share online to gain trust and credibility in your field.

You can encourage clients to share before and after pictures of their spaces after you finish a project, get them to make short videos of a review, or just a write-up.

To move a step you may ask permission to display their contact details on your site in case any prospective client wants to ask them anything.

Sharing online reviews on various social media platforms will help spread the word, encourage internal interactions, and lead generation among viewers.

Build Strong Digital Partnerships

Building digital partnerships with allied industries can be very beneficial for the online home decor business. The key is to know your clientele and recognize the products and brands they would be interested in.

Consider joining hands with home flooring companies, décor brands, remodeling agencies, paint companies, furniture brands, and more.

How will this help your home décor business?

You can plan a cross-promoting marketing strategy for online promotions to increase outreach to potential clients.

Share social media platforms, emailing lists, apps, and other vital information with these partners to generate new leads mutually.

Branding and Visibility through SEO and Influential Marketing

The visibility of the brand is very important for a long-lasting impression on the customers. SEO and PPC are some of the best solutions when it comes up to building a brand.

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PPC campaigns

When you are looking for speedy results for branding, you can think of employing a home decor influencer for the same.

This person can be a lifestyle influencer, interior designer, or architect in the home design space. It can be a celebrity known to the public as well.

Classy people look for new styles for their homes, gyms, offices, and living spaces and search a lifestyle landscape of influencers. They follow them blindly and purchase whatever these influencers buy. Your brand becomes highly trustworthy with the right person for influencer branding.

Some other benefits of influential marketing for starting a home decor business online are:

They are 100% in tune with their followers’ tastes.

They are trusted for their reviews and opinions.

They know the latest trends.

They are excellent digital content creators.

This method is more influential than paid advertising.

Summing up

SEO and PPC enable the designing business to get competitive cutting-edge, areas by building scalable social marketing solutions. With social marketing campaigns, lifestyle businesses can lower their operational costs and unbolt endless business potential.

Having an interactive and user-friendly website means half the battle won for the user experience and engagement.

The visual element plays a vital role in the designing and décor industry and so it is naturally apt to create as many videos of your work and share them as much as you can to gain credibility for your work and let the viewers know about your creativity.

Gaining as many customers reviews is beneficial to any industry, so don’t miss out on any.

Join hands with strong brands relevant to your field and gain mutual advertising and branding benefits with collaborations.

Digital marketing is an inevitable part of any business these days. No matter which industry you work in, without digital marketing, you will see that your business is not visible online.

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