“Blogging is a communications mechanism handed to us by the long tail of the Internet.” – Tom Foremski Blog marketing is considered one of the most lucrative methods for extending the reach of your business. We are going to discuss the importance of blog marketing at length in this article. But there is something we […]

LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most powerful professional social media platforms lately, mainly due to the 660 million professionals using it! Yes. You can actually reach all these people just by being present on LinkedIn! You may be surprised to know that you can not only make new connections on LinkedIn but pretty […]

According to Forbes, Google receives over 74,000 searches per second, at any given time of the day. Out of these billions of searches, 15% are new searches. Unless your site is optimized with SEO, you are not going to reach those people who may be your potential clients. hubspot.com says, 91% of net users in […]

Digital marketing helps open windows of opportunity worldwide for your business. Getting digital in your business was an option a few years back. But on today’s date if you are not using digital mediums for your marketing requirements, then you are losing out more than 80% of your probable clients.  Here are 5 interesting facts […]