Best Digital Marketing Agency for your Business

How to choose the best Digital Marketing Agency for your Business?

Introduction to Digital Marketing

When we discuss points that help choose the correct digital marketing agency for your business, I would first want to draw a broad picture of what digital marketing is, and how wildly it is used.

Extensive use of the Internet has changed the way business and shopping is done over the last couple of decades. Business holders realize that without an online presence, their business will be next to non-existent to maximum prospective clients.

So, what is Digital Marketing?

Put simply, it is an online form of marketing. The fundamental principles of conventional marketing are always at the centre of digital marketing strategies.

According to Hubspot, digital marketing is defined as using numerous tactics and digital channels to connect with customers who spend a lot of time online.

Areas Where Digital Marketing is Useful

Digital marketing involves a wide range of techniques and platforms such as online branding, advertising, online brochures, email marketing, content marketing, online reputation management, etc. to get optimal results from your digital marketing strategies and campaigns, marketers require skills, assets, and techniques to influence their overall goals.

Common ways to acquire your digital marketing goals would be:

Making a Website

Creating Blog posts

Generating White Papers and eBooks

Designing Infographics

Using Automation tools

Using Social network channels

Online reputation of social networks and online reviews

Designing Online brochures

Why work with a digital marketing agency?

Effective digital marketing agencies would smoothly manage a company’s digital marketing budget with its developed tools and processes and carries out tasks efficiently.

Working with a trustworthy agency helps you focus on other important business operations to meet your revenue goals. The major reasons to choose the best digital marketing agency to answer all your marketing queries :

Access to the required skills

Developing an in-house team to take care of your digital marketing efforts can be overwhelming. Every business requirement is unique so skills your business needs can be hard to access or expensive.

Keeping ahead in trends

One must be familiar with the consistent trends, and new tactics in digital marketing, and keep abreast with algorithm updates. Only a digital marketing expert can be on top of it all as it needs lots of skills and time. The top digital marketing agencies handle various facets of digital marketing such as SEO, social media, email marketing, content, video, paid ads, and so on.

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Manage Your Marketing Budget Well

Digital marketing agencies can effectively manage your allocated budget with highly developed tools and processes. They can segregate your portfolio to make the most out of it.

Get the best professionals to work for you

For small businesses, it is best suited to work with agencies rather than developing an in-house team. Hiring an expert can just help but not attain the full goal of understanding and implementing marketing strategies like SMM and SEO.

Moreover, they would have the right tools for any given task to be completed efficiently.

What do digital marketing agencies do?

Digital marketing agencies will evaluate your website traffic and run an SEO analysis for you. They will select and suggest the best online platforms you should invest in for better ROIs.

They will help you maintain a balance between all the marketing activities and the results you achieve from them. The end goal of any digital marketing agency will be leveraging the conversion of leads into customers.

Choose the right digital partner will result in engaging in multi-channel campaigns that are wide-ranging, leveraging social platforms to reach the correct client's audience.

Moreover, you get customised packages and services for your business based on the budget and goals.

A digital marketing agency will better understand how to optimize your marketing spend through advanced data analysis.

They will also analyse third-party data to uncover browsing patterns of customers or conduct high-value behaviour analysis to map user interaction during the purchase process. This will be a tough cookie to crack in-house.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring the Digital Marketing Agency

Now that you made up your mind to take a professional approach towards your marketing requirements. The next step is to search for the right agency that can meet your specific digital marketing needs in the most result-oriented manner.

To select the best suitable agency you need to ask the right questions, like:

How would you improve our search engine rankings?

Ask about the process and how they will get your page to rank number one for certain keywords.

Do they follow Google Webmaster Guidelines?

Any agency should always adhere to the Webmaster Guidelines so that Google can find, index, and rank the site.

How long will it take before any visible results are seen?

Effective SEO campaigns show positive results on your site in 3 to 6 months. No agency would give an exact deadline for results.

Ask how many internal or external content pieces will they create per month?

Content is essential if you want to stay on your audience’s mind. Publish new blog posts regularly.

Does the agency offer services across multiple PPC platforms?

Google AdWords is a widely used search platform, but there are other mediums such as Bing Ads. If an agency caters on multiple platforms your reach increases.

What different metrics will be included in the standard reports?

A comprehensive monthly report with ad positions, CPC, CTR, and conversion rate of keywords and landing pages will make it clear how your paid search campaigns perform.

How does the digital marketing agency measure ROI on social media efforts?

Any agency should describe how to track campaigns and measure the results as per the goals set, i.e. conversions, customer acquisition, revenue.

What will be done to improve your site’s conversion rate?

Agencies usually tell you how they will improve visibility and increase traffic for your site, but the most important is the conversions/sales to get ROI.

What is their experience working with businesses in your industry?

It is an added plus if the agency is experienced with your industry. Although, if they are well experienced, they will certainly know how to enter a new industry as well. Ask about steps they would take to do the same.

How do their various marketing efforts come together to give results?

The digital agency you choose needs to co-ordinate its departments to attain a combined goal for your business. Ask about the process.

While there can be many other queries that you may have for selecting the perfect agency for your business, these are the major questions that help with the correct selection.

In-House VS Hiring an Agency. What is best?

Digital marketing agencies act as a substitute for an in-house team. They serve the same goal staying outside of the organization. They have specialized expertise in their areas, depending on the size of their team.

Some of the benefits marketing agencies bring to the table are:

Most Digital marketing agencies have deeper expertise in a specific industry. This is due to specialization in a certain niche or working with clients in the same field previously.

Agencies have fluency with best practices of marketing tactics.

Digital marketing agencies give better results compared to in-house marketing teams since they have state-of-the-art workflows and processes customised to manage volume, quality, and efficiency.

One gets to work with the most talented people in their niche with an. Whereas, an in-house marketing team may take days to find the right person for the job.

An experienced digital marketing agency would have a treasure box of fresh ideas, marketing tactics, and a goal-oriented approach.

Usually, digital marketing agencies have access to the best tools and software to make work easier and faster that might not be the case for an in-house team.

Some Setbacks of having an agency on board:

It will be critical how a digital marketing partner handles a company’s sensitive data, like strategic plans, client information, etc. it will have to be pre-defined and managed.

When you are new to marketing avenue and are not sure how to stand the ground, agencies might get pushy and try to sell extra products in your marketing package.

Some agencies may be keen to test fresh, unproven marketing tactics on clients rather than sticking with the proven tactics. This may turn out to be disastrous in some instances.

Agencies have multiple projects and can have busy resources. This may sometimes create delays or compromise on the quality of work that is delivered.

Benefits of having an in-house digital marketing team at your disposal:

Full control on resources, as in who will work on what in each project.

Information sharing, resource sharing, planning, and coordination becomes much easier with an in-house team. The entire marketing integration process is smoother.

An in-house team may be cheaper as you can choose resources as per requirement and do not have to pay by the hour.

Within direct supervision, TAT can be reduced for marketing projects.

You are your own boss and can allocate your priorities and as per your deadlines.

Drawbacks to having an in-house marketing team:

You will have to undergo a tedious hiring process for each employee.

Manage extra overheads of salaries and benefits for an entire team.

Instant scaling up of the marketing program may not be possible as hiring and training team members would take time.

There might be a dearth of creativity after some time if the team gets stuck in a rut.

The exit of any key member of the marketing team may result in a big pause to all projects till a replacement is found.

Key takeaways – Summing it up

As discussed above, there are both pros and cons to in-house and hiring a digital marketing agency. So how will you decide which one to choose?

It all boils down to your priorities. Any business owner will have a set of priorities. For example, if time and speed is your criterion, an in-house team may help overcome the hassle of employee management but, on the other hand, when you have to get a campaign up immediately and are not certain if you need an entire team; then selecting a media partner will be a good choice.