Benefits of WordPress theme Customization

Benefits of Customizing your WordPress Website Theme


Having a website for your business is no longer a status symbol or something exclusive to the big companies. It is a primary requirement to run and expand any business online. The internet is flooded with numbers that suggest customization is the key to making your website stand out from the crowd.

With majority of websites developed on the WordPress platform, you may wonder how your website can stand to be exclusive.

You would want to know the benefits of customizing your website from HTML to WordPress. We are here to help you understand how your life can be easier with the customization of your website from HTML to WordPress. We hope this information helps to make the right choice for your web designing needs.

Why Prefer a Customized WordPress theme

There are several benefits of having a customized theme over a readymade WordPress one. To name some here are a few that we mention.

The WordPress custom theme precisely aligns with the company’s targets, vision, and content.

The theme differentiates you from others in your niche.

A custom theme gives more security.

It is not only SEO-friendly but it also guarantees excellent performance.

A custom theme developer provides first-hand support and the theme can be easily updated.

While these are the main attractions of choosing a customized developed site over a readily available theme, we will discuss some of the major advantages for the same as we proceed.

  • Benefits of a Customized WordPress Theme

Benefits of Customized WordPress Theme
  • SEO Compatible

SEO plays a major role in rating your website and its pages and if the design is not SEO friendly, there is a good chance your site will not appear in its deserved place in the search results.

Being SEO compatible is one of the basic requirements for Ecommerce sites. Switching to a customized WordPress theme makes the site accessible to multiple search engines. WordPress being Google’s favorite platform enjoys higher rankings there. WordPress makes crawling easy and ticks the majority of the ranking parameters.That’s why WordPress is a preferred platform for creating a website.

The posts, pages, and categories help gather data smoothly.

WordPress offers privacy options while installing.

Categorization and tagging of pages are attainable.

Add plugins later to make the site more SEO friendly.

The website becomes more responsive to attract mobile users.

  • Self-Reliance

WordPress provides a ready-to-use platform designed for web publishing. It comes with built-in capabilities to add content automatically to the site.

Several embedded features are provided during website development and so setting up your business website through WordPress becomes effortless. Web developers can incorporate interactive features to the site to make it engaging for the visitors.

  • Budget-Friendly

One strong reason to switch to a customized WordPress theme from just a ready theme is that it has a cheaper interface, and you can add themes and plugins for free. Embedded features make coding fast as it is an open-source and free platform.

There is no need for any added programming language plus theme customization and modification are also cheaper. You can save on the cost of expensive conversion tools. Switch to a WordPress site and spend less on search engine marketing.

  • Fully Customizable

Readymade themes face database limitations and do not have additional features to offer. WordPress, in its comparison, provides features like a gallery, store, survey, and more. Get multiple options for site customization with a range of tried and tested plugins that help extend website functionality.

Our web development Experts help add new pages and images to clients as and when required. Updating is easier once you have a customized format to work with.

E.g. Add a unique checkout system, create a contact page for the website, enhance the SEO, or add extra security through plugins. There are a whopping 43,000 plugins available on the official WordPress database. Scale your business anytime.

WordPress offers designing, marketing, backend, and front-end endless customization options to make your site look and feel like you have imagined it to be. Explore a popular list of plugins here.

These plugins come with a customization core that allows users to optimize their sites easily. Switching to WordPress provides unlimited theme options within or outside the theme library. Converting your site from HTML to WordPress makes your site flexible and scalable.

Get a robust structure with a provision to add widgets. Make your site appealing through templates and plugins. Your imagination can get wings with this CMS platform.

  • Community Benefits

WordPress is open-source and has a substantial community of users. Sharing ideas in and through the community upgrades your chances of building an excellent new platform for your business. Also, get regular security and customization updates to help users improve website performance.

The community provides excellent tech support and developers that work 24/7 to deliver updates. HTML users are also attracted to this community with high web standards and fantastic user experience.

  • Higher Security with SEO-Friendly Implementation

The simplicity of sharing ideas and challenges through the community brings possible solutions to security threats. And hence WordPress is a better secure place for documentation and coding at all levels.

Keep the hackers in check by regularly updating your site and securing your E-business from malicious activities like phishing. WordPress demands strong passwords to increase security measures. If you plan to add lots of blogs and images, then this is the best platform for you.

Optimizing web pages and search engines is a headache that no one wants to take. Imagine going through each page of any website to optimize it for keywords and meta descriptions.

But when you use WordPress customized theme, you don’t need to worry about that as a plugin is working for you. Yoast SEO lets you implement apt meta headlines and descriptions and optimize pages for keywords.

  • Summarizing

The above points must have made it quite clear that selecting a customizing theme over a ready available theme is the best choice you can make as an entrepreneur for your business to sell online.

The next question you may have is, “I am an entrepreneur who chose a readymade theme. How can I get my site customized to WordPress without losing my previous SEO rankings?

Click here to know more or hire a professional developer who can do the task for you. We have some of the most experienced developers in-house who work 24*7 to design and develop websites that attract clients and help them choose their products or services.

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