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Creative Social Media Ideas for Fashion Brands in 2022


The US fashion industry sales statistics indicate more than 12% yearly growth from the 2020s to this year. The turnover is expected from $135.49 billion to hit $152.03 billion in the current year. This trend will remain steady until at least 2024, making it essential for various brands to promote their products to survive the competition.

Using Creative Social Medial Ideas for Fashion Brands yields good results. By including paid ads and marketing campaigns you can funnel social media users to your website to purchase the products.

Here we are sharing five creative ideas for fashion brand promotion on social media for your business.

Adopt these ideas for better visibility online and increase clients and sales over a period.

Choose the Right Platforms

Each social media platform has its unique potential customer base. Some are more conducive to sales than others among these. Statista suggests that some of the best places to learn about or buy fashion apparel are Facebook and Instagram.

Since Facebook (now Meta) owns Instagram, it takes less effort to plan and execute an effective ad campaign for these platforms through Facebook Ads Manager.


Around four out of ten Facebook users discover fashion inspirations on this platform. It means there are lots of opportunities to engage the audiences and create brand loyalty here.

Facebook also claims that its platform is the hub to target 18–34-year-old fashion buyers. Women get fashion ideas from influencers and celebrities posting on FB.


Insta ranks number one when it comes to discovering fashion products. So if your brand prepares a fashion social media strategy for Instagram, you can easily reach 28 million Instagram users in the UK.

According to research, mobile-created story ads outperform highly produced ads on Instagram. Including CTAs on your Instagram Stories will make them perform better by 89%.


Chanel, with over 1.9 million subscribers, and Louis Vuitton, with 909,000 subscribers, are some of the big players on YouTube. While smaller brands prefer Facebook ads, large fashion industry brands dominate YouTube by creating organic content through YouTube channels.

youtube marketing examples

Strike Social says that the average cost per view on YouTube is $0.026, and the average view rate is 31.9%.


TikTok being comparatively new, holds quite some value for revenue generation. Local brands have a native approach to ad creation. They see a better success ratio here through video creation. As more than a billion people use TikTok it is worth your while.


According to Pinterest, 70% of users discover new products on their platform, among these 90% of users say Pinterest helps in purchase decision making. A substantial 66% of users purchase something after looking at a brand’s pins.

Again, Pinterest is a visual platform where you “Pin” items to virtual pinboards, and shopping pins saved to Pinterest from a website will unlock a new way for brands on Pinterest to get fresh viewers.

Choosing the best platform for your selected form of marketing will not only increase your brand reach but get you, lifetime customers, in the form of followers.

Instagram and Facebook Shops for Brands

Instagram and Facebook Shops are galleries where users see, browse, and buy your products. Once you create a FB or Insta shop, your audience can shop for your products directly from there.

If we look at brands like Adidas or Tiffany and Co. you will see that they have a vast number of followers, and they are also regular customers who order items online due to the trust they have in these brand names.

It is therefore important to target the right audience groups. Using fashion-related hashtags wherever possible will also prove to be a fruitful marketing strategy.

For in-depth knowledge on the technique of using hashtags, read our blog :
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Repost Customer Content

Positive customer reviews of any kind are useful in generating curiosity among new buyers and conclusively increasing sales. It is always good to encourage clients to post their feedback for your brand and repost it on various social media handles.

This can be in different formats like videos or photos of customers wearing your products, or clients wearing your apparel and showing how it fits into size, design, and material criteria.

Visual content is more of social proof and validates your brand while creating engaging content for followers.

social media content for fashion brands

Collaborate with Influencers and Fashion Bloggers

Influencer marketing is the most effective way of fashion brand promotion on social media and attracting followers. Most of the fashion bloggers are on Instagram so check the number of followers they have and geographically target a certain audience if you wish to.

As mentioned earlier hashtags are the key to searching for trending hashtags and using them in your posts.

Check collaborations of fashion bloggers before hiring them to promote your brand so that there is no competitor clash.

A fashion brand not on Instagram does not exist so post a minimum of 2-3 times a day, create stories, respond to comments, and like others’ posts to be out there in the market.

The more visibility you gain, the better are the chances to gain profitable partnerships with celebrities and increase traffic, revenue, and customer base.

Prioritize Customer Service

As your business grows, you will focus on customer service and will have to have a guideline for the same. Hire people who know how to make clients happy and resolve situations with them.

Tackle negative and positive reviews with equal grace online. Turn a negative comment into a positive one by personal interaction with the client and offering them special discounts to make up for the trouble they had to face with your brand.

Ignoring negative comments will only add fuel to the fire and trigger more comments. Responding immediately is the best option.

Summing it up

Social Media Marketing for Fashion Brands is as crucial as oxygen to a plant. There may be complex strategies that many brands create to gain followers and customers.

The above-mentioned creative social media ideas for fashion brands are equally effective for client outreach and expanding customer base.

Smart use of social media platforms and collaborations with fashion influencers can take your brand a long way.

Staying constantly active on Instagram and Facebook makes the brand look active, authentic, and relevant and builds customer trust through social proof.

You can always hire dedicated social media executives if you find it overwhelming to handle everything in-house. Get in touch with an experienced digital marketing agency for your online marketing needs or visit our website to know how we can help you in your journey.