Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing helps open windows of opportunity worldwide for your business. Getting digital in your business was an option a few years back. But on today’s date if you are not using digital mediums for your marketing requirements, then you are losing out more than 80% of your probable clients.

Here are 5 interesting facts about the recent trends in the digital world according to

Strong content drives traffic to your blog by up to 2,000%!!

96% of all smartphone search traffic and 94% of total organic traffic is thanks to Google

Traditional outbound methods like cold-calling or direct mail can get only a 1.7% conversion rate while SEO can get you around a 15% conversion rate.

Less than 10% searchers ever go to the third page of their search results.

Around 50% of searches are four or more words.

This year will show some drastic changes in all the forecasted trends due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. This international crisis will change the entire global economy and the way people do business. Many businesses will have to gear up for the world after COVID-19.

There will still be many precautions that communities will take throughout the year due to the aftermath of the disease. Social distancing will be a norm for a while and avoiding crowds can become a lifestyle for many. With numerous digital outlets on their plates, companies need to make sure that they are always available to cater to their customers.

Top Changing Trends of the Digital Marketing Field

We will discuss some industry-changing trends here that will showcase how modern brands position themselves online. Understanding customer behaviours and then implementing those traits to change the marketing campaigns are unavoidable.

Refine your SEO strategies for better results

Using simple SEO techniques is outdated now. Fast-advancing businesses demand that their local outlets create competitive SEO strategies so that they can rank higher in Google searches and retain their digital presence. Hence, brands in competitive areas need to collaborate with SEO companies to stay ahead in the game and increase ratings in optimization trends. Search engine optimization is a highly evolving field. You need to use sharp SEO tactics if you wish to rank higher locally or globally. Professionals create strategies with customer behaviour analysis, advanced data collection, and ongoing adaptation. Big companies use automatic SEO techniques which leverage of AI and automation. In short, digital marketing depends on SEO more now than ever before.

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Give a Personal Touch to your Marketing Tactics

The times when companies use to post mere business flyers in the name of promotions on their sites have way past gone. You no longer get conversions from those. Brands require personalized content, use refined email segmentation, and collect customer data for effective marketing.

Other techniques involve complex data analytics and cross-platform data mining which enable businesses to differentiate their experience from the rest. This will boost customer loyalty and create a basis to establish an emotional bond with them.

More communication channels will be needed in the coming times. Chatbots are the in thing with solutions like ManyChat and MobileMonkey. Tools that allow push notifications like Subscribers will also work for many.

Voice Searches Dominate your Results

Customer nowadays wants the ease of voice search while browsing. Asking YouTube for a recipe while cooking, or instructing Alexa to play that favourite song, or asking Google Maps for directions while driving, are facts that push up the voice search ranking factor in search engines. This is an increasing trend with potential growth soon.

Data Source: Wix

Digital marketing strategies should have content that will reflect the voice searches. Emerging trends show options of using AI to straight use voice commerce. Voice assistants are used widely to make purchases, search for products and do lots of other online searches. Brands can cash in by making this process streamlined and easy.

Create Eye-Catchy Content for Optimizing your Visual Search

A big chunk of results on Google search comes back in the form of images. If you are not using images, videos, infographics in your digital marketing content, think again. Visually appealing social posts, blog posts will steal the search results from the only text content.

Pinterest is the best example of this. It has its own Lens search capabilities used to recognize objects and landmarks through a camera app. Even Google uses this. Investing in graphic designing or with a digital marketing agency that has its ace game in infographics can give you good results in the long run.

There is a lot of scope for the eCommerce industry, to manipulate this trend of online marketing. Fashion and home decor retailers use images to suggest products to online shoppers which would not have been possible otherwise. IKEA, ASOS, Neiman Marcus, Argos, etc and have built proprietary visual search tools.

Shopping through Social Media Platforms or Social Shopping

This is a method of e-commerce where known people are involved in one’s shopping experience.

With the increased use of smartphones, social shopping has gone a step ahead into the offline shopping world as well.

Social media is no longer a tool for getting in touch with acquaintances only, but the base for customer loyalty and retention. They have become shopping platforms as more than 50% of users explore products here. Be it WhatsApp shopping groups or marketing groups on Facebook, or Instagram Checkout; they shorten the process of shopping for their followers on these platforms.

Social shopping uses various components like:

Group shopping sites

Shopping communities

Recommendation engines

Social Shopping Marketplaces

Upto 43% of online brands get traffic from their social media pages.

By experimenting with your social strategy you can position your brand at the topmost lists for your social audience.

Have you Considered Influencer Marketing for your Product Yet?

With an increase in the number of influencers on social media; their reach and hold on their follower’s increases; this makes them a key factor when companies plan their digital marketing strategies.

Brands need to gear up client engagement and conversions with influencer marketing because it is the changing trend. This type of marketing works well for smaller businesses as well as huge brands. It is a very dynamic form of marketing where transactions happen between content creators, customers and brands.

If you are a strong brand Nike, Ferrari, Tesla, Jordan, American Express, Kardashians, Victoria’s Secret or Mercedes your 95% work on marketing is just done by your name.

This can work for your business as well. You just need to focus on building your brand name. Investing resources in ORM, profile creations and optimization and increasing overall online presence will set you apart from your competitors.

Some New Avenues for Influencer Marketing are:


Finding the right people to become your brand advocates is tough. Gaming industry is cashing in on the influencer marketing industry lately. Platforms like Free fire, PubG, Call of duty, Counter strike, Lego, Mindcraft use influencers in their gaming platforms to attract users to play more and download more.

Visceral experience with AR & VR

When it comes to creating a very impactful experiential moment, VR and AR work extremely well. Digital marketers have to ensure the content created is compels to fascinate and inspire the audience. If influencers are used to promote the virtual experience of brands it will sink in best with the viewers. Stories for VR medium, which is very different from the traditional film experience need to be told differently.

AI/ RankBrain

We are interacting with machines all day long and sometimes feel like machines are starting to know us better than we know ourself. Amazon knows what we want to purchase, Netflix knows what we want to watch and Google Home knows about our upcoming day. The machines around us act like AI robots as they acquire information, build upon and learn from knowledge. Using influencer’s look and feel for these AI interactive services opens a new horizon for digital marketing altogether.

Social Marketing/Branding

“As you go about creating new customer engagement programs and direct marketing packages for your brand, look for opportunities to give rather than to get. Whoever makes the first kind gesture, as studies show, tends to gain the most.”

Jeanette McMurtry

And this gives birth to Social Branding. Involve your business with a social cause that you can relate with. This will not only create a positive impact on your target audience but also will lead them back to you for their business needs.

A unique example of social branding is “Being Human”.

Video And Graphics Deserve A Center Stage In Your Marketing Play

Have you tried video marketing till now?

More than 80% of marketers show a willingness to increase their investment in video marketing this year. The majority of them plan to increase their brand presence on YouTube precisely.

Why Is Video Marketing So Important?

There is a tremendous upward rise in engagement toward more dynamic content. Youtube sees around a 35% increase in engagement in the last two years. There are lots of marketing agencies that can make short videos for you in low budgets as well.

Then four trending options of micro-content are:

Instagram stories

Instagram TV

Twitter video



But to sum it all up, if all businesses are following these trends, how will you stand different then your rivals? Well, the little things that you can be unique with; like prices, customer service, operations, upselling, etc.

In 2021, marketers will have to customize customer communications based on their preferences, interests, and behaviour. One way to create engaging, personalized communications is to leverage machine learning.

Instagram stories, Instagram TV, Twitter video are some social media platforms where digital marketing and advertising can be done.

Since digital media is such an evolving market, you need to keep evolving with it too. Use the latest trends without delay to make sure you have a stronger reputation then your rivals for the coming period.

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Moreover, interactive content is what people are looking for. Clients want constant engagement with their marketers.