Discover 5 tried and tested link building techniques for your business in 2020

If you are looking towards increasing your website visibility and rankings and want to appear on the first page of search engines, link building is a must for you.

No matter what industry you are in, the best way to improve your website visibility in the search engines is through link building services & strategies.

Website popularity is determined by the number of inbound links it gets. More inbound links from quality websites, better it is to determine your Google Page Rank. The initial few weeks spent on link building will get you more exposure on search engines. Incoming links from websites with good DA get rewarded in Google Search.

Some direct benefits of link building are:

  • Link building will get you visibility in search results.
  • You will start getting traffic from other websites linked to you.
  • Incoming links mean your site is a valuable resource.
  • You will get indexed in search results quicker.

While there are many known and unknown strategies for building genuine links, if you have a niche site, you need to make a proper plan for link building.

We are going to share some insight about how link building is going to help increase your website visibility in this blog.

At the end of this blog, not only will you be able to understand 6 top link building strategies for your site, but also get to know some bonus tips which will be immensely useful to you.

1 Internal Links

Internal linking often ignored is a great way to help visitors dig deeper within the site. These links go from one page to another within the website. Look for a good keyword phrase on any of your pages and link it to an inner page or home page with more information for internal linking. This will encourage users to stay for a longer period and explore your website further.

Advantages of internal linking

  • Internal link building helps in improving page authority and passes link juice equally to other pages.
  • It decreases the overall bounce rate of the website.
  • Improves crawl ability and indexation of the website.
  • Improves older blog post’s visibility by sending exposure and traffic.
  • If your page has relevant content and strategic internal links, it helps your keyword rankings.

2 Be current with the year

Readers and searchers prefer to visit the latest and updated posts. By adding the current year like “2020 jacking or a call to action in the headline, you maximize the potential to initial backlinks. This will get you a first-page spot!!

For example when we write “SEO trends” and we write “SEO trends in 2020”. The latter is more likely to get more clicks as it is current and updated and people want to know the latest trends.

Adding phrases like greatest, fastest, newest, top, discover, strangest, cheapest, most, free, get, try, oldest, expensive, easiest, unbelievable, best to headlines with the current year may also be helpful. These are simple link building tactics that will take you a long way.

3 Infographics and its Submissions

Using infographics is an effective way to promote links and increase your reach. Infographics should be simple and relevant with around 1500–2000 so that it loads quickly. They should include facts, figures, and credits to other sources. Placing infographic correctly with the flow of the text will attract backlinks.

Use only 2 to 3 colors and limited fonts. You may also include graphs and charts along with graphics. Don’t miss out on adding a headline with a maximum of 70 characters.

When you are done with the infographic submit it to infographic sites to build links.

For infographic templates, or to submit visit the following sites:

Video Infographic, ELearning Infographics,,, Piktochart,, Canva Infographic Creator, Reddit, Infographic Database.

4 Building Links from Trusted Sites

Google tends to show only trusted sites within their search results pages. And therefore you must build links from trusted sites only to establish your site’s authority. Having backlinks from a trusted site tells search engines about your authority on the subject. E.g. mentioning Wikipedia,  Backlinko, etc. because search engines consider them as a highly relevant source. And search engines also notice links from spammy sites which may lead to adverse effects on your search rankings. Building too many links very quickly will also be considered spammy by search engines. Having links on sites that have nothing to do with your products or business is also considered spammy.

Always be cautious about how you build your links.

5 Blog Commenting for Gaining Back Links

This is the easiest but a long term procedure for acquiring backlinks from industry blog sites. Commenting on quality blogs gets long-term results. It only helps increase traffic to your site but also allows you to build relationships with blog owners and people in your niche. Always include your URL while commenting. This builds credibility and branding, increases the odds of being noticed by blog owners.

Here are 4 easy steps to get it done

  • Find quality blogs by spotting your top five competitors
  • Create a list of all the blogs
  • Add your comments and get it approved. Give your Name, Email address, URL, and Comments.
  • Read the entire blog and leave a genuine and short response.
  • Link Building and Social Sharing Sites

Social bookmarking sites are where users can add, edit, and share content across the web. This helps you get high-quality backlinks to attract traffic to your website.

Some of the popular bookmarking sites are Reddit,,,, newsle,,,,,, etc.

Link building is a very important aspect of SEO. We discussed some basic ways of how to get it done for your business. While webmasters feel that writing quality articles helps to get links, it’s not the only way to get it done.

Some unconventional bonus methods for link building are creating free e-books, interviewing influencers, study of Q/A sites to see what questions people are asking.

You need to put actual efforts to get genuine links which may gradually get your site some editorial links as well.