We all are aware of the global pandemic COVID-19 that has taken the world by storm. In tough times like this, if you are a business owner, it is obvious that you will panic. With all services and businesses mostly being closed and people staying at home to contain the virus spread, “How will my business survive Coronavirus crisis?” is the most asked question today. We are going to answer all these questions AND give some tips which will not only help you sustain your business but also grow it gradually in the aftermath of this worldwide crisis.

Special pointers to defend your business and fight COVID-19 crisis

Not all businesses can run online and not all can adapt overnight. But if you want to overcome a crisis as big as this one, you need to evolve your methods of doing business, marketing and advertising. 

How does Social Media Help Your Business during the COVID-19 Crisis?

When people are not going out, mostly working from home or glued to their mobiles or laptops, surely the use of Social Media will be on the rise. Public turns to Twitter, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp for their virtual social gatherings. This means increased possible reach of your ads to the target audience. It will be the perfect time to showcase your business on these platforms, to be in the public’s eye when other businesses are withdrawing their advertisement budgets substantially

Create Brand Awareness through Facebook Ads

While this is not the time for launching new products or testing out new ventures; you can show your brand’s consideration towards the society by taking some positive initiatives like giving discounts or freebees or even giving away coupons to premium services that you offer etc. This will help gain positive publicity for your business and also give you a unique social branding.

You can initiate some online brand management now, to build a customer base for the time when this is all over and people get back to their normal routines. This is the time to stay in the public mind and not try to make hardcore sales. Just letting your audience know about your presence now and then will help them connect with you later when they actually need to use your product or service. Facebook Ads will help you do this in the best way. With many businesses withdrawing their marketing budgets, you can acquire better slots and targeted audience easily. This is the time for cutting competition if your rivals are not advertising and score points with a potential new client base.

Use Brand Awareness Ads

Facebook Brand awareness ads are focused on generating maximum impressions among targeted audiences hoping for greater brand recall. This is done by asking users who were served the ad if they remember watching it two days ago. This is like a double bonanza because if they have forgotten, they will be reminded by this process. If your business can sustain this minimalistic marketing approach for the next 30 to 60 days starting from April you can gain favorable market attention for a later period. 

Other Online Advertising Options

If you are not a tech-oriented business, this can be tricky in the beginning. But once you start exploring the options in online advertising you will be surprised why you did not use these tools till now. While Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are powerful tools we will discuss that some other time. 

Special Guidelines for Pharma/Medical/Healthcare Industry

If you deal with medicines, healthcare products, run a medical journal, make/sell medical equipment, run a hospital or clinic, if you are into the recruitment of healthcare staff, or you are indirectly related to the healthcare industry then you have a special responsibility towards the community members.

Changing Advertising Trends during COVID-19 and their Adaptation

Let us see how COVID-19 pandemic has dominated the search results in the past few weeks and how you can deal and adapt to these changing trends to advertise your business. 

COVID-19 Gave a Nosedive to Store Visits by a Mammoth Percentage

With people practicing social distancing and avoiding unnecessary trips, businesses are forced to close down stores and suffer limited footfalls. Google Ads, helps advertisers track store visit conversions and many advertisers optimize their PPC campaigns with this data. 

If you are a small niche, don’t rely on store visits, but rather focus on your online presence. There is always Google search traffic. Even during COVID-19 crisis, so improving web presence will help.

Here are some simple tips that can guide you through that process: 

  1. Design a simple website for your business. You can use Google’s free website builder for this. Make sure you refine your site’s landing pages, and optimize them for Google.
  2. Use Google My Business to display reviews across Google search and Google Maps, business address, hours, posts, and photos. Post all updates regarding COVID-19 effects on your business like change in working hours, phone number, or any notices.
  3. Customers know that your business will decrease during this crisis and they want to know the latest updates. Many will search your latest posts on Facebook or Twitter and if there are no latest updates they might assume that you are closed. So create a business page on Facebook and post updates periodically.
  4. Use Google Merchant Center to display your products online. They also have an automated product feed so you can keep abreast with products, prices, and inventory. Once this is done, keep optimizing the Google shopping feed for ease of search.
  5. COVID-19 is dominating Google searches for a couple of weeks so try and append your search results to it.

More Cross-Network Opportunities Available Now

People are spending less time on company sites due to the lockdown scenario. Google searches have also seen a decline of around 20% but the average internet usage has still gone up by 50% after the pandemic COVID-19 hit the world. All these people have just shifted their searches to different places like YouTube, Pinterest, and Netflix, etc.

So how do you reach out to that audience across various networks? 

 It is through advertising across networks. This will help reduce the volatility of depending on Google search solely. This will also fetch you new audience and increase the number of probable clients who may later search you on Google.

Google Search Partners to your Rescue

This category includes various search engines like ask.com and other smaller local search engines which are powered by Google. You will be surprised to know that not all searches occur on Google.com. About 10% of Google’s search reach is through partner search engines. Thus, including them in your marketing campaigns will make up for the lost search on Google due to COVID-19 to some extent. You can also check your advertisement performance on these platforms by checking the “Include Google search partners” box. Now we know that our target audience is spending time on YouTube and similar platforms so we need to track them while they are browsing. You can begin with remarketing to old clients and bringing them back to your site. By doing this, they are likely to convert their return visits into business later.

YouTube and Others

Now that we know where your target audience is spending time, track them while they are browsing videos on YouTube. You can begin with remarketing to old clients and bringing them back to your site. By doing this, they are likely to convert their return visits into business later.

Time for Self Assessment

In this difficult time if you are a business that is fully operational online, then you are a winner at the moment. But if you are not among these lucky ones, then you are surely going to suffer. This time at home might make you think differently about your business approaches in the long run. It might just be the right time for you to digitalize various aspects of your business if not all.

With changing digital marketing trends, it will be advisable if you utilize this time to connect with the best digital media marketing agencies and upgrade your game so that you are aptly prepared to generate new business after the situations have normalized.

ABK Digital will be glad to be a part of your evolving journey.

We all have now come to terms with the fact that this is a war; a war against an unseen enemy; an enemy which we will only defeat by staying home, staying healthy and by practicing social distancing. While this may not be the end of the world, it will change the way we look at the world when this is all over. If we do not adapt and evolve then it is very much likely that we may not survive. So do not panic, but be smart. Set a target for your business for the coming few months, and let it grow organically. Customers WILL come when the situation normalizes. It is just a matter of time. Till then keep evolving and be vigilant in formulating your business strategies. We will soon come up with a fresh topic of your interest.

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