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How Local SEO Services Can Help Website Rank Better

Local SEO has two main factors at its core to take care of: placing a site in the most visible spots in local search results and gaining the trust of the target audience. It is a fact that more than 46% of searches on Google are local. This simply means that if you have a local business, you cannot afford to miss out on local SEO solutions; because missing an opportunity to appear in someone’s local search result for your product/service means losing business. And the percentage of online searchers is huge.

Around 89% of people search for a local business on their smartphones once a week, with 58% searching daily as per neilpatel.com From all these searches, around 70% are likely to visit a store within five miles, it is thus vital to have good local SEO optimized.

How do Local SEO services help your website rank better?

How Can Local SEO Help Me?
Let me highlight the main reasons where Local SEO optimization helps you rank better and get new clients.

Highly targeted and timely searches

Most of us search with local keywords to find a product or service around us. A business needs to be visible to these potential customers when they do so because most will visit the store in a day.

Constant Increase in Mobile Searches

Mobile searches have overtaken desktop search in the last decade with the increase in the use of smartphones. According to a survey, 60% of American adults use smartphones to search for a product or service.

Local Searches Give High ROI

When you compare the Local SEO efforts to traditional advertising like TV, Radio, or newspapers ads, you will see that this method has the least wasted efforts and most targeted results. Traditional advertising did not always get accurate results as they served customers who were not searching for that product or business. It is the exact opposite with Local SEO as it appears to customers who are precisely searching for the product or business.

Local Businesses have Untapped Potential

A local knowledge engine Yext believes there are 100 million potential business locations and points of interest which are unexplored. Even if we do not go by that number, the number of businesses that are yet to dig into the local market is huge.

Local SEO is Inexpensive Comparatively

When we look at the rate of slots for TV and Radio, we realize how cheap it is to generate business through local SEO solutions. For just 100$ to 500$ you can attain much more per month.

Gaining Reviews is Critical

Around 90% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses, and an average of seven reviews before making a purchase decision.

Be Algorithm Friendly

Algorithms effectively determine user location and make Search Engines effective at determining where the users are searching from. They use IP information of the device and GPS data from the phone to pinpoint user location. 93% of searches have a local intent, half of the local-mobile searchers are searching for business information like phone number, address, website, driving directions, or reviews, more than 75% of local-mobile searches turn to an offline purchase.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Listing on Google My Business

Google My Business was launched in 2014 and has proved to be a huge step from Google for local businesses. Google solidifies local businesses as their future foundation. Google My Business (GMB), initially known as Google Places, was created to assist local businesses to control their online digital marketing presence. It allows them to manage their general information, Google Reviews, Adwords, Analytics, and Google Plus efficiently. It helped manage the local digital environment from Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Plus on a single dashboard.

Behavioral and Social Signals

Also, look out for behavioral signals of buyers as it makes around 10% impact on your Local SEO efforts. Personalization and social signals also matter. They refer to your webpage’s collective shares, such as social media visibility as understood by search engines. Such activities contribute to the organic search ranking of a page and are a type of citation that is similar to backlinks.
Appropriate social signals include:

  1. Number of tweets and retweets
  2. The popularity of the people tweeting
  3. Facebook shares
  4. Google +1s
  5. Mentions on community sites such as StumbleUpon, Tumblr
  6. Increased impact on SERPs

Others Local Factors that Influence the Sites Rankings

Other factors that help with the rankings are Localized content and local link popularity that help to build local landing pages for your locations i.e. if you have multiple locations.

Be sure to include the business name and details like addresses and phone with proper title tags, meta descriptions, etc. if you keep these into consideration in your content marketing and link-building strategy, it will strengthen your site's rankings to a great extent.

Compare Website TrafficOther location-based factors that you need to consider for the success of your Local SEO efforts are local citations from data collectors, review signals to be published by local customers, and on-page signals, etc.

If all of the above are taken into proper consideration while doing local SEO, they give substantial results in improving your review signals and link signals also through local SEO.

Final Thoughts

Contact an Experienced Local SEO. The best and the easiest way to get your Local SEO priorities sorted is by outsourcing them to a professional SEO agency that is well experienced in your niche and can guide you precisely where needed. For details on how to choose the best agency for your niche click here.

Local SEO strategies are the most effective method to promote business digitally. It helps small businesses to showcase their product and services because millions of people and your potential customers use local search to find businesses near them.

By taking a targeted approach, SEO agencies can help increase your chances of getting discovered by a potential local buyer.

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