PPC And Organic SEO – Differences and Comparisons

A common question faced by any digital marketing agency is, which is the better option between PPC and SEO? One is paid, the other a free method of digital marketing.

In our SEO experts’ opinion, organic search results bring more volume at a better cost per lead as compared to paid search.

But this varies from case to case basis. If you are a new setup, getting started with organic SEO can be tough. Paid search, on the other hand, offers a fast track in searching leads.

Overall, it largely depends on a company’s digital marketing strategy. Whether you are into PPC advertising, or a digital marketing agency offering Organic SEO services, knowing your prospective customers, understanding their requirements, and figuring out how they are using the web will help you decide if a paid search or a combination of organic and paid will be the best-suited approach for them.

Here we shall discuss the difference and benefit of both free and paid promotions, namely organic SEO services and PPC advertising.

We will also share some useful pointers which will assist you in deciding which one will be useful for you.

SEO VS PPC – The Differences

The biggest difference when considering SEO or PPC is that paid ads appear at the top of the page, over and above the SEO influenced results.

Organic traffics from SEO is free, but PPC has a cost for each click on the leads. Thus, SEO and PPC need to be strategically aligned to get the best results.

SEO Improves Organic Traffic

Your business will be put in the front end just by the awareness and visibility that search engines will get with the targeted keywords that SEO experts use. Potential customers will be easily attracted when you come up with their selected keyword criteria.

Branding Benefits

Awareness of commercial search terms and queries related to your niche creates positive branding in the customer’s mind. You can become authoritative in your field by being associated with searchers who ask questions and conduct researches leading to purchase.

SEO gives Sustainability

Organic traffic does not dry up as soon as you stop paying. It can sustain your business even when marketing expenses are cut back.

Gives a Strategic Advantage

Visibility in organic search, when done correctly, is not quick but that is a good thing as well. When you establish yourself in the organic results, the competitors cannot simply overtake you.

SEO also needs content to attain strong visibility. All businesses do not have that kind of resources for content development. Here you may need to rethink your strategy.

Building Trust and Market Credibility

Many users skip ads and trust organic results best. Here PPC will take a back seat and SEO will rule the game. Strong positive client reviews will also help save the day. SEO also increases website traffic and gives opportunities to drive awareness of your business.

Traffic from organic search is almost free. It takes time to be visible, but no direct charge applies.

ROI from organic search engine traffic certainly improves upon PPC. But SEO is not easy. It can be cost-effective compared to other marketing tactics to deliver brand awareness and traffic to the website.

Advantages of PPC

  • Position on the Page

Paid search dominates SEO friendly content. When you see ads for a product on your desktop and mobile, paid search ads will always appear on top.

  • Improved Advertisements

PPC does that for you. Calls, site links, locations, and pricing are some of the options for creating ads to dominate a page.

  • Budget Control

PPC gives you full control over the budget. Choose how much you want to spend per day and set a limit.

  • Laser Targeted Approach

Get ahead with your approach towards potential customers with a laser targeted approach with PPC. Target by search keywords, day of the week, time of day, language, geography, device, and audiences based on previous visits.

  • Speedy Results

Organic visibility can take time to develop but a PPC campaign can be created and ramped up in days. It gives immediate short-term results when needed.

  • Marketing Intelligence

For organic searches, keyword data is hidden for privacy, but in paid search that is not the case. With the help of Google Analytics, one can identify the converting keywords and cost.

  • Constant Expense

Paid search requires constant investment. As soon as you stop paying, your ads go away, and the lead generation stops.

So long as you have strong financial planning for your paid ads, it is not a problem. Whereas, SEO is an ongoing process. It brings steady results for a long time but takes a while to deliver. While majority of businesses get good results by using a combination of paid and organic techniques, these have their unique benefits.

One may achieve different goals with each. For promoting a new service or product during the festive season, paid search is a good channel. Organic search works well for an existing product. By setting an achievement goal for the company and chalking out what you want to accomplish with it will help you match it with the methods to achieve that goal.