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Social Media Optimization

Communication and marketing has evolved in the last decade in the form of social media. Growing your business through SMO means reaching out to more people throughout the world within seconds. We help our clients increase their traffic through social media optimization and its spot on linkage with their website. We curate content that works on different platforms. Be it blogs, articles, micro blogs, video dominates we can help your business gain leverage on all major social media platforms.

Our SMO efforts are inclusive but not limited to the following

What We Offer

Social Media Creatives

Social media design trends for content marketing are changing. Micro interactions with authentic pictures combined with bright colour schemes, GIFs and animations can make a very impactful creative content for your site’s social media marketing. ABK Digital keeps abreast with changing trends by the hour and assists in branding, laying the structure and curetting the perfect social media marketing material which is rich in content.

Social Media Profile Creation

A powerful social media profile can make or break your impression among prospective clients. Creating a social media brand will instantly get you more followers and subscribers. Weather you run a YouTube channel or are a social media influencer, business branding and creating online reputation with strong social media optimization will get you online publicity and the targeted audience. This will result in more followers and subscribers for your business. We create social media profiles in a way that it will help you grade higher in relevant search results.

Paid Social Media Ads

Investing in paid promotions for social media marketing is what 90% of the businesses are doing now and this is providing significant boost to their businesses. We will help you decide the right platform in order for you to target the desired audience because the demographics among social media platforms vary. Being specific in target approach can help niche businesses without spending a fortune for social media optimization.

Organic Social Media Promotions

Creating a “No expiry date” content can be the most challenging task and organic social media optimization promotions demand that. A keyword-rich post on mega platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook will have a good lifespan if it’s engaging enough to get people talking about it and sharing it with their contacts. No matter how monotonous your service or business might be, our team of content writers will spice up your promotional material for its organic growth over a long period of time through their social media marketing strategies.

SMM for Corporate & Small Business

If you are a startup or a small home based business, social media marketing can still be affordable for you. We help you set the right course for achieving your business targets. This is done by creating social media goals which are measurable. We will create a social media calendar which will assist you in posting impactful content at the right time on best suited social platforms for you.

Influencer Marketing

New age consumers prefer to hear authentic voices. They believe people who they know and can connect to. Utilizing key leaders to deliver your message to mass audience, rather than marketing directly is the new thing. Influencer marketing is very well knit with social media optimization and content marketing. We step in where content for the influencers has to be created. Influencer marketing helps get continuous conversations and engagement for business. These social media optimization efforts include but are not limited to attracting new customers, increasing repeat clients and gaining customer loyalty.


Why Choose Us

ABKDigital is the most vibrant and robust digital media marketing agency. We may be “The new kid on the block” but that’s just our base aspect. We have a team of insightful and goal oriented members who have years of experience working on various aspects of social media optimization, digital marketing, SMM and content strategizing. So if you wish to see actual results from your digital marketing investment, you have come to the right landing page!