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Why Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer in 2022


Over 400 million people visit WordPress sites each month, making it clear how mass-pleasing WordPress is. In one of our earlier blogs Why is WordPress a Preferred Platform for Creating Websites we have emphasized the popularity of WordPress as an open-source of web development.

It is popular among other platforms and is highly user-friendly where functionalities and interface are concerned.

According to the latest statistics of hostingtribunal.com 661 WordPress sites pop up daily and if we count CMS-built sites only, then 64.1% are WordPress – indicating a 4% growth from 2020.

It means choosing WordPress is a clear decision for your website development needs. The next question is whether to hire dedicated WordPress developers for the task or try making it yourself?

WordPress developing experts facilitate clients’ business-specific requirements like plugin development, theme development, and so on.

Here, we will point out the top benefits of hiring a dedicated WordPress developer. After knowing them, you will make up your mind with ease.

Specific Online Strategy

When you hire a dedicated WordPress programmer, you get exclusive access to their ability to create web layouts that are strategic to your business model and plans.

They will incorporate tried and tested principles into the design and layout paired with the perfect understanding of what the visitor is searching for and deliver it seamlessly.

Professional website development strategies followed by a well-experienced developer are the details connecting the dots for the user throughout the sales funnel.

They will focus on your core business model and craft an online strategy for your site. This will decide the number of pages and layout for the entire website with navigation options for various pages.

Best Web Designing and Customization

When you take up web designing as a DIY project, there are chances of designing and coding errors which could eventually lead you to spend more on getting them rectified.

The drawback of designing a website yourself is that many factors can go wrong and when they do, do you know how to fix them? Troubleshooting your website can be costly and time-consuming, and you may end up paying hundreds of dollars when a dedicated web designer could have safely hosted the sire without errors.

Another benefit of hiring dedicated web designers is that they will take care of customization for your site. You can experiment with plugins and the latest themes according to your needs. They will also customize the codes and design according to your business requirement.

Faster Loading Website

Website loading speed matters the most when people click on your site from the search results. If the site takes more than 5 seconds to load, people will leave your page.

Having dedicated WordPress programmers means they work only on your projects with focus.

What does that mean for you?
Every tiny detail is taken care of with the perspective of delivering the best results each time. For example, they work on minimizing the image sizes on the site to increase the loading speed or make changes to the layout or CTA buttons if they are, in any way, slowing down the site.

A professional web designer or web design company builds a website with multiple plugins and features for enhanced security and speed.

High-Quality Web Design

WordPress.org offers over 50,000 plugins and over 4,100 GPL-licensed themes. This may get you super confused on what to choose and how! Hiring a dedicated developer with knowledge of various languages such as PHP, CSS, MYSQL, HTML, etc. improves the designing and functioning of the website.

Just a couple of years back non-English WordPress downloads were more than the English ones which means language diversification of your site to reach a regional and international audience is essential.

A fashion brand not on Instagram does not exist so post a minimum of 2-3 times a day, create stories, respond to comments, and like others’ posts to be out there in the market.

The more visibility you gain, the better are the chances to gain profitable partnerships with celebrities and increase traffic, revenue, and customer base.

The web experts know the perfect theme to fit your needs and the right plugin to get the essential customization. It improves user experience and gives better engagement results by visitors. Having a site in multiple languages increases your audience’s expanse as well.

Build your online store with an attractive eCommerce site made with multiple pages and images with smooth navigation giving rich user interactions having the latest payment gateways and faster processing of transactions.

Fresh Content and Search Engine Optimization

While designing any national or international site, we ensure we have the perfect content and SEO strategy in place. At ABK Digital, we understand that good content is the essential ingredient of a website.

Our WordPress developers are aware of this and know what specific content needs to be present on the website. Along with content, Search Engine Optimization is equally important as it makes the site rank better on search engines and is visible to a larger audience.

best seo for wordpress

The content layout and strategically placed call-to-action buttons will ensure your audience spends more time on your site and eventually makes positive buying decisions.

Web Analytics and Data Confidentiality

When you hire a WordPress expert, they look after the Web analytics and help you analyze all the data related to the website. The developer improves the site performance by pinpointing the missing pieces.

An in-house web developer also guarantees data security and confidentiality. Additionally, the company where you hire a developer would have dedicated servers as secure places for your data. Thus, ensuring your business privacy and confidentiality is always maintained.

This Concludes

Every business needs an attractive and interactive website to attract clients. If you are just up for blogging, you can go ahead and do it on your own. WordPress offers an easy way to create blogs.

But when it comes to launching a commercial site for your thriving business, you need to give it a professional touch by hiring a WordPress expert who knows the platform in and out and can provide the best of designing and layout suggestions to generate impact on the audience.

Apart from designing, they will also take care of the SEO, content and security, and site maintenance. That keeps you focused on your business development instead of worrying about which plugin will work for you. We hope this blog helps you make the right decision regarding your website development needs.

Additionally, contact us or visit our website to know how we can help you carve the perfect path towards building your dream online store in the form of the most interactive and interesting website.