Is Wordpress Good for Professional Websites

Why is WordPress a Preferred Platform for Creating Websites?

Benefits of WordPress

In the year 2022, your digital store is more or equally important than your physical store for your business. To have a digital presence the most important aspect is to have a fully functional and interactive website.

So the first step to having full exposure to all possible clients is to create a user-friendly website. Lately, customers interact with your brand through the website first, so creating a good impression is a must.

How do you go about it?

When it comes to creating a website, entrepreneurs look up to WordPress. Around 40% of all websites are powered by WordPress.

So what is the reason WordPress has captured the web designing market rather than any other available platform?

WordPress is a platform that anyone can use to build a website. Creating a professional-looking site that is well-designed needs an expert.

Here, we will discuss the benefits of using WordPress as your web-building platform.

We will first discuss the most popular site builder and the leading reasons why using it is beneficial for SMBs.

Launched in 2003 and originally designed with blog sites in mind, WordPress is now among the top web-content management software for non-blogging websites.

Here are the key reasons we recommend WordPress as a hosting service for small business owners.

Good for Redesigning

In this digital age, almost all businesses have a website even if it is basic. From time to time, you need to upgrade your website for features and new page additions. However, making a brand new one would mean you lose on the current SEO and spend extra dollars on the new one.

Also, you want to maintain your current domain. In such a case, redesigning the existing site will be the best option. WordPress as a platform is very compatible with redesigning. It has great flexibility, is simple, and is affordable.

It gets updated with various themes and plugins. Changes like altering the website text and content or uploading new images are easy to do.

WordPress Allows full Customization

As a small business, you may opt for pre-made templates for websites. These are great for beginners, however, thousands of other websites use these layouts. So when you want to stand out from the crowd, you need some expert theme customizations.
WordPress offers over 11,000 themes with various templates and plugins to choose from. You can get the exact features you are looking for from these options.

With WordPress, you are always in control of future updates and can brand your web pages to exact specifications. All the custom plugins, color schemes, and unique designs will make your brand memorable to the users and they will have a good browsing experience on your site. With an interactive layout to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Manage Blogs Using WordPress CMS

Blog marketing is the best way of content marketing to boost your site SEO. It helps your online presence to grow and gets you noticed.

Your website is the best place to show clients and search engines your expertise in your niche. It will help you get noticed in the SERPS and help you earn more web traffic.

Did you know that running an active blog can generate 67% more leads monthly?

WordPress designed as a CMS makes it an ideal platform to run a blog. Set up an RSS feed that syncs new content automatically, to list your blog feed chronologically.

Auto-post recent content to your home page, enable email subscriptions to the blog or allow readers to leave comments as WordPress makes blogging simple, and high-tech at the same time.

Make blogging interesting with Business custom WordPress development like adding GIFs or inserting links for social media shares.

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WordPress means “Scalability”

When you have a question about whether WordPress is good for a business website, the answer is YES!
When your business grows, the website will need to keep up where you will need powerful servers or you will need to integrate new features into your site to get customer information more efficiently.

Using WordPress ensures that you do not need to purchase all the elements you eventually need. You can begin as basic and then add new plugins and functionalities because lots of WordPress plugins offer free “lite” versions to try.

You can add more product pages through WooCommerce website development, some of the most popular websites use WordPress, so you do not need to switch to another hosting service when you expand.

WordPress is “Search-Engine Friendly”

SEO rankings are the key to any business’s online survival. It involves keyword research and searches for metric analysis. WordPress offers various valuable SEO plugins and integrations. Here are some reasons why WordPress is great for SEO:

HTML coding

WordPress has a simple HTML code system. Simple codes are easier for search engines to read and index and help rank higher on searches.


Incorporate keywords directly into the WordPress links, this helps search engines “understand” the content better creating
easy-to-read URLs.

Managing Metadata

WordPress shows where to add key meta tags, keyword phrases, descriptions, and more to each webpage.

Optimized images

You can embed ALT tags and descriptions into the images on the website.

Fast loading speed

WordPress has various plugins specifically designed to boost loading speeds. They compress files and images, while other plugins are designed for caches.

Mobile optimization

WordPress optimizes accessibility for mobile users so it’s phone-friendly.

Social media integration

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts can be integrated into your website for users to share content.

WordPress makes SEO look very simple for any website.

Aids In-House Security

When many security breaches are due to human error, WordPress helps reduce this risk through multi-step security features for users.

It helps designate multiple users/administrators for the website and also lets you designate “access levels” and “procedure restrictions” to keep you in control of who sees your information and what they do with it.

It is easy to add or remove users and change their access restrictions as needed.

Wordpress Software Integration

No External Software Integration

WordPress does not require HTML-editing/FTP Software as it is designed to be a fully functioning system in its own right. No need to integrate external software to enable functions.

All features come built-in with WordPress, with customized plugins that add a group of functions to a WordPress site.

WordPress website security checklist

WordPress plugins have various features like:

  • Affiliate Link Management
  • 301 Redirects
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Contact Form Builders
  • SEO Management
  • Website User Insights
  • Landing Page Builders
  • Email Service Integration
  • SSL Certification
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Cookie Tracking
  • Automation Features
  • Live Chat Support

After downloading a plugin, you can access it through the Plugins Manager tab on the admin page.

Fast and Affordable Platform

One of the main reasons WordPress is a favorite of web developers is that it is fast and affordable.

There is no need to pay for extra features and most of the basic, essential WordPress plugins are free, and advanced plugins are affordable.

While basic tasks are managed for free, bigger projects need the expert skills of designers and developers. But WordPress’s internal setup enables fats coding.

WordPress gives access to a preferred service, and it is a constantly improving platform to eliminate inefficiencies. There are fewer downtimes when developers work on your site.

Summing up

Undoubtedly, WordPress proves to be the most affordable, fast, and safe platform for hosting your business website. The benefits mentioned above do not include all the benefits that you gain when you choose WordPress as your web development platform.

It is not only easy to use, but also a powerful source and a global storage system that allows you to manage your website from anywhere in the world. These features make WordPress best for professional websites. For any professional development assistance, you can contact any reliable web development company which has a team of experienced web developers.

Alternatively, you can visit our website to know how our team can assist you with your web development projects.