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Why should your SEO strategy focus on brand building?

Why should your SEO strategy focus on brand building?

Establishing a business and building a brand are two entirely different things.

You can conveniently establish your business presence online. But to make that presence noticeable to your customers (existing & potential), you need to do the branding/brand building for your business.

Not just the gigantic brands like Amazon, Apple, Coca-cola, but the small brands like Bird, Bumble, and Mailchimp also have branding in their roots of success.

And what better than Search Engine Optimization could drive brand building for your business. Because search engines give preference to well-optimized and reliable websites in the rankings as they provide a better user experience.

Let us explain the importance of ingraining brand building in your SEO strategy in detail:

The 3 most important reasons your SEO strategy should focus on brand building:

Search engines give preferential treatments to brands

Google algorithms have changed a lot in terms of brand ranking, especially after the 2012 Google Panda update, as highly recognized companies in the market tend to get higher positions in SERPs (search engine result pages) over smaller ones.

In other words, Google algorithms give preferential treatments to so-called brands in search engine visibility. That is why small companies must also go for brand building via SEO strategy to reach top positions on search engines.

You can consider increased brand visibility in Google as getting your brand featured in the Google Knowledge panel section. It allows users to see the latest updates, special offers, and other purposeful information (like addresses, contact, reviews, and so) from their preferred brands.

Apart from that, Google’s search quality guidelines describe how the E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) approach helps you build the brand image, which indirectly indicates that not considering brand building while developing SEO strategy may cause you several harms in gaining fruitful results.

By showing your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness through your quality content, you can also increase the conversion rate of your business online.

Also, the more authority your brand has, the more unpaid links you will likely get. And as we all know, more backlinks again increase your domain authority and drive more relevant traffic.

Users trust and respond more to brands

Recent studies suggest that over 80% of customers consider the reputation and diligence of the brand to trust them and give them business.

It means that your potential customers also prefer brands to small companies as far as giving business is concerned.

As brands prioritize user intent in every possible way, including the UI of their website or app, content, navigation, payment gateways, and more, to not just increase their conversion rate but to engage users more in their brands.

Moreover, branded keywords tend to have a higher CTR than non-branded keywords. And lower competition and less cost per click attached to branded keywords can benefit your search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts by driving more conversions.

Search volume for your branded keywords will undoubtedly be low initially, but after establishing the authority and reputation for your company in your niche, the search volume will increase gradually.

You can also use your branded keywords with non-branded search queries to reap the best of both worlds.

Social media is another terrific advantage to your brand-building efforts as users trust brands with compelling social media presence and engage with them on a more personal level.

You can think of social media as an essential platform to build trust among your customers and gain authorization in the niche by receiving instant feedback from them.

Content plays a significant role in brand recognition

Whether you are a small company or a reputed brand, creating propelling content with enough knowledge sharing and analytical data is a must to meet your long-term Search Engine Optimization goals in terms of brand-building.

Also, to engage your users better in your content, you can add stellar storytelling elements to it. As amid this cut-throat competition in the market, where plenty of content is getting published in a minute, to get your content reached to your audience and get them to read it, needs better information with attractive storytelling elements.

Also, your content marketing strategy should involve sharing your content to different platforms to reach a wider audience and develop trust among them.

You can diversify your content pool by producing it in all formats, including images, videos, infographics, PPTs, Whitepapers, PRs, and more.

This way, by creating compelling content optimized for SERPs (search engine result pages) positions and involving engaging data and storytelling, you can echo your brand voice in the industry.

In a nutshell, branding is the key to succeeding in your SEO efforts!

Marketing and branding are two separate things, but when aligned together, deliver incredible results towards your business growth.

And especially in digital marketing, the brand-building strategy works wonders. But when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, your marketing strategy must involve brand awareness together with brand-building.

For that, your SEO efforts align with creating a responsive website with a user-friendly interface, producing highly engaging and optimized content, and sharing them all on different relevant platforms.

This way, you can build an authorized brand for your business online and reap sound benefits of increased sales and customer loyalty.

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