App Store Optimization

What's ASO?

This is a similar concept as SEO. Search Engine Optimization improves the web page ranking in search results. Similarly, ASO techniques will get your app climb the app store search results. This is the only way you can stay visible to your potential client. Visibility transforms into traffic on the app’s page in the app store. A visit to the app page will have maximum chances of using free trial run and ultimately downloading the app.

Why ASO?

ASO can be aptly termed as the crucial part of the mobile app marketing strategy. With more than 5 million apps in the Google and Apple’s Play store, and over 3 billion smart phone users around the world, it can be an intimidating idea for you to get your App noticed. Majority of apps are discovered through a search, so being able to market your app so that it DOES appear higher in those search results is the only chance of getting noticed. How do we do that? App Store Optimization is your answer.

How Does ASO work?

Basic requirement for optimal results of ASO process is the understanding of target client base. This will include knowing keywords these potential clients may use to search apps that are similar to yours. It will be a smart move to put ASO to work when you know; more than 60% apps are discovered just by app store searches. App Store Optimization provides you with the largest discovery channel for your app. ASO results are almost organic. Yes, it takes a while to see actual results and the process needs tweaking and monitoring from time to time. App developers do not put much effort in ASO, unaware that they are losing a big chunk of the market by remaining unseen. Lots of research is required for keyword searches before the app submission. ASO is an iterate process which needs to be tested frequently. Given proper time and method, it can increase your app download rate by 2x-10x hence, increasing revenue.
  • A title with powerful keywords improves search ranking for an app. Apple App Store and Google Play both have different criterions for titles. For best ASO results, you need to put the most important keywords in title description a number of times. ASO experts will guide you to do this without keyword stuffing. Also, look at trending apps to get an idea where the flow is.
  • Describing the app well enough so that you are able to close the deal with your app page visitor is an important part of ASO. Be succinct and persuasive in your approach.
  • Adding screen shots and app preview videos will make the app decorative and interesting. Longer time spent on the app increases chances of download.
  • App Icon design also plays a vital role. A single image makes an impression about what the app does and how much worth your while it is.
  • And lastly encouraging positive reviews and using App store analytics will mostly get you sorted.