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Social Media Subscription Services: Overview & Comparison [Infographic]

Struggling to find all social media subscription plans and pricing in one place? This infographic may help.

We have included subscription plans for popular social media channels, features offered, pricing, and regions available in the infographic below. Before we move forward, let us have a brief overview of the subscription-based social media model and how it impacts users and creators.

Lately, almost all social media platforms have started offering subscription-based services. Till recently, social media platforms used to rely on advertising as their primary revenue source. However, considering the competitiveness of the digital advertising market, these platforms have moved to subscription models to explore alternative revenue streams.

By implementing subscription-based models, social media platforms provide added privacy attributes to protect user data and access to additional features (like ad-free experiences, increased visibility, etc.) that enhance the user experience.

On the other hand, a subscription-based social media model may limit the organic reach for content creators, as it creates an exclusive environment and preferential treatment for users who opt for premium features.

Check out the full infographic below:

Social Media Subscriptions Comparison (Infographic)

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