Benefits of link-building in SEO

What are the Top Benefits of Link Building for SEO

Link building is one SEO strategy that is important for any type of business to survive the highly competitive platform of digital marketing.

Link building is a vital element of your ‘off-page’ SEO.

What is Link Building?

Put simply, it is the process of getting links from other sites to your site. A targeted long-term SEO link-building strategy would involve balancing backlink strategy and building relationships with other authorities by placing links only when valuable and relevant to users.

How are SEO and Link Building connected?

When external sites with high domain authority link back to your site, they are letting Google and other search engines know that your site is a trusted dominance in a particular niche.

The more trust and authority you can build for your site, the better benefits of link building you can get.

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In this article, we highlight the SEO benefits that Link Building brings to your business.

SEO benefits that Link Building can bring to your business

  • Get Better Website Traffic

When you have developed a website for online sales of your service or products it only makes sense to do more to get more traffic to it.

Building backlinks for your site gives you just that. For example, the more other sites link back to your website, the better chances are that you get more clicks from their users.

The backlinks will also amplify the site’s domain authority and expertise. The more trustworthy, authoritative, and expert search engines, especially Google, consider your website, the higher the site will rank in the SERPs. Better rankings mean more website traffic!

  • Improved Search Result Rankings

When sites with good DA from your niche link back to your site, you get useful context for Google and other search engines to use while ranking your site.

For e.g. If a high-authority beauty brand site links back to an accessories site, it signifies your authority in your subject. The more authoritative the linking site is, the better it leads to improving your search rankings and getting clicks that convert.

  • Soaring Site Metrics and SEO Scores

There are several site matrices other than Domain authority (DA), which is one of the SEO metrics that gets a boost from effective link-building strategies.

SEO and link building go hand in hand. Many other site metrics improve when link-building strategies target the result-oriented approach.

Check your Domain Authority using the DA checker from Moz for accurate results.

  • Domain Rating (DR)

This is an Ahr1efs domain rating tool relating to your backlink profile. The factors considered for DR:

When your domain’s DR is high, more “link juice” is transferred to the domains.

The source domain splits its rating evenly amongst the domains it links to. So: a DR-20 domain which links to four others can influence your DR more than a DR-100 domain which links to a million other domains.”

URL Rating (UR)

It is one more Ahrefs SEO metric known as URL rating or UR.

Unlike DR, UR is a page-level ranking. It varies as per specific URL on the site as opposed to the entire site. The link profile strength of a page is rated on a 100-point scale. The higher the value, the better the link profile.

PageRank (PR)

PR is an algorithm to rank pages for search engine results. It considers the quantity and quality of links to determine average site importance. This calculation helps position that site in SERPs.

Alexa Traffic Rank

The Alexa Traffic Rank or Alexa Rank is an Internet ranking that functions like other SEO metrics and indicates the acceptance and significance of a site.

  • Improve your Niche Relationships and Networking

One of the best link-building strategies is to build relationships and networks within your niche. A reciprocal link-building relationship is considered best.

Marketers of similar niche exchange links for mutual benefit from more traffic, authority, and other perks of link building.

Such exchange helps in growing the business. Connecting with like-minded business owners of your niche means getting a sounding board for new ideas. Gain opportunities to learn directly from successful people and reach new heights.

  • Continuous and Sustained Flow of Referral Traffic

SEO link building has many forms of digital marketing that need updating from time to time to be a success. Let’s say you are posting Facebook ads for 15 days. You will need to take some action at the end of those 15 days.

You may either stop the ads, rerun them after a tweak, or start with another ad. But with link building, you can generate continuous sustained referral traffic without updating the link and its permanent spot on a website.

It shows that you can continuously get the benefits of link building without checking in on that backlink.

  • Better Visibility Through Link Building in SEO

Good visibility and exposure can make your link-building strategy and digital marketing strategy.

Links attract links. So, the more visible your website site and brand are via backlinks on other sites, the more likely you are to continue building links and getting better traffic.

Apart from online link building, you must follow a particular social media strategy and attend relevant industry events from time to time.

  • Minimize Bounce Rates

You can only see the benefits of SEO link building when your internal linking structure is sturdy. It will mainly involve linking one page of your website to another page. It helps when a visitor clicks that link and gets redirected to another page on the same site. This process eventually increases their time spent on your site.

Why is this so essential?

Because it keeps your bounce rate in control. It is a major factor search engines rank a website. The bounce rate is nothing but the percentage of users who visit a single URL on your site and click away to another site, or close the tab.

How to calculate bounce rate?

Summing it up

There are numerous benefits of link building. We have just discussed a few here. Good content creation and distribution are the keys to building quality backlinks in your niche for your site.

An authoritative website gets you the desired traffic and clicks. It ultimately leads to lead generation and conversion.

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