Importance of Blog Marketing in Brand Marketing

Importance of Blog Marketing in Brand Building

“Blogging is a communications mechanism handed to us by the long tail of the Internet.”
Tom Foremski

Blog marketing is considered one of the most lucrative methods for extending the reach of your business. We are going to discuss the importance of blog marketing at length in this article.

But there is something we need to understand before we move on to the main topic. And that is the top challenge that you may be facing as a business.

The chart below will sum up most of your problems, the main being getting traffic for your site and a decent ROI on all your marketing investments.

We will see how blog marketing can give you miraculous results with lead generation and value on investment on your marketing and advertising campaigns.

A blog can be started whenever you want. But the first and foremost condition here is to be consistent. You may not hire a blog marketing agency to write a blog for you but hiring an in-house content writer will surely be beneficial.

Blogging can immediately increase your organic search results.

Our own site’s search results have improved by around 120% every week that a blog was published!

When you prioritize blogging, you are most likely to achieve a positive ROI on your efforts. Blog marketing will help overcome huge marketing challenges faced by B2B and B2C brands.

How will you create a Blog Marketing Strategy?

Blog marketing does not mean just creating a blog and posting it on your website. There is a lot more to it. You can’t expect instant ROI or conversions either.

Then how does blog marketing work?

“Blog promotion is a must if you want to be seen by prospective clients.”

It takes a lot of dedication and patience. You need to keep improving on your content to meet the readers’ expectations. A blogging strategy should be such that it will build your brand.

Websites that have a regular blog have more indexed pages than the ones which don’t. This is a key ranking factor for Google and has many SEO benefits as well.

Here are some PRO TIPS to create a dynamic blog marketing strategy.

  • Emphasize on popular search terms and phrases
  • Invest in promoting your content through paid social media advertisements
  • Focus on On-Page SEO
  • Guest posting is a must
  • Utilize the power of SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Put a strong social media promotion plan in place
  • Have a consistent email marketing plan in place
  • Online influencers have a magic wand. Use it.

When you post your blog, also has its significance. Here is an indicator chart showing the number of responses that you can get by posting your blog at different times of the day.

Visible Benefits of Blog Marketing

Ideal for marketing

Their very nature makes blogs ideal for digital marketing purposes. They attract people back by providing new content regularly and act as a platform where consumers and businesses can interact.

Comparatively Inexpensive to Run

A big advantage of blog marketing is that the entire setup can cost you just as much as the total cost of a domain name and web hosting. You don’t even need professional help in starting one if you want to do it yourself!

Ease of Usage

Blogging platforms are easiest to use if you can just copy, paste, drag, type drop, and upload, you have a professional blog ready.

Generates Website Traffic

Fresh blogs mean fresh content. Giving out updates and tips and new content attracts people and gives them a reason to return to your site. This also increases the possibility of a sale.

Blogs Improve Search Engine Ranking

Google prefers to rank fresh content. Those who have understood this, use blog marketing specifically for SEO.

Create Trust and Credibility

Prove your credibility in your niche by posting informative and helpful information on social media and your site on regular basis.

Get in Touch with Prospective Clients

Having a blog helps you have a conversation with the market. Answering the reader’s comments and being interactive with them will give them the confidence to buy your goods and services.

Helps create new revenue opportunities

Blogs will get you advertising opportunities, affiliate marketing options plus help get sponsors. All this adds up to revenue generation.

To sum it all up, just writing a blog does not get your job done. What matters is how, where, and when you promote and market it for getting the best results out of it. Your blog marketing strategies can make or ruin your chances of getting revenue out of your good content.

So either you plan a great strategy yourself or get a professional agency like ours to do the job. Either way blog marketing is a great tool for promoting and expanding your business online.